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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Puppet Masters

STC 77104 (1994)
Robert A. Heinlen's The Puppet Masters
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack,
Composed by Colin Towns
CD $13.98 $5.00

"...Colin Towns' (orchestral) score ranks several notches above most of the Sci-Fi thrillers... generates considerable foreboding and atmosphere..."

-Royal S. Brown, Fanfare


Robert A. Heinlen's

The Puppet Masters

1. Arrival
2. The Visitor Revealed
3. Check the Ship, Dim the Lights
4. He's On the Car
5. Jarvis
6. Motorcade
7. Why Are You Here?
8. Quit Smoking
9. The Shower
10. Using the Children
11. Can't Hurt Her Can You?
12. Danny
13. The Hive
14. Here Kitty Kitty
15. A Million Voices