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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Big Squeeze

STC 77109
A jazzy score by Mark Mothersbaugh. Also, songs by The Iguanas and new performances of classics, produced by Los Lobos' Cesar Rosas.
CD $13.98 $5.00


The Big Squeeze

1. Main Title
15. Boomp
2. Boom, Boom, Boom (vocal)
Performed by the Iguanas
  16. Turned Down
3. Grand Theft
  17. Save the Mission
4. Henry in the Crowd
  18. Crimson and Clover (vocal)
Performed by The Iguanas & Cesar Rosas
5. Nuevo Boogaloo (vocal)
Performed by The Iguanas
  19. Back in a Minute
6. It's Lost Forever
  20. Nothing's Too Good
7. It's Been Awhile Since I Drove
  21. Flowering Tree
8. Push It On
  22. Money Bag
9. Tree Draggin'
  23. Theft / Extra Income
10. Unghhh
  24. A Miracle
11. Come a Little Bit Closer (vocal)
Performed by The Iguanas & Cesar Rosas
  25. The Big Squeeze (M.T. Alt-Mix)
12. Lampshade Ninny
  26. Rotten Scoundrel / Hey Stranger
13. Oh, Jesus
  27. Can't Take My Eyes Off of You (vocal)
Performed by The Iguanas & Cesar Rosas
14. M F Bus