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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Snow White

A Tale of Terror

STC 77116 (1998)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the haunting and fascinating 1996 film, a rich retelling of the gory Grimm original.

Composed by John Ottman.
Symphony Orchestra, Recorded in Seattle.

CD $13.98

"John Ottman (The Usual Suspects) is a veritable genius at knowing what orchestral color is needed..."
- Film Score Monthly

"...pulls out all the dramatic stops... stars a magnificent Sigourney Weaver in the Evil Queen role."
- Fanfare


Snow White: A Tale of Terror

1. Main Theme
2. Claudia Arrives
3. Lilly's Birth
4. The Apple
5. The Dress
6. Freaks of Nature
7. Mirror, Mirror
8. The Awakening
9. Traitor
10. Company for Christ
11. The Celebration
12. Fatal Glance
13. The Locket
14. Seduction/ About Will
15. The Spell
16. She Lurks
17. Reflections
18. The Outcasts
19. Claudia's Lair
20. Taking the Seed
21. What Have You Done to Me?
22. Resolution