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Original Motion Picture Soundtracks

The Dentist • The Dentist 2

STC 77120 (1998)

Original Motion Picture Soundtracks for Brian Yuzna's cult black comedies starring Corbin Bernsen.

Music composed by Alan Howarth

CD $9.88

"Referential musical moments include Wagner, Puccini, and Herrmann. I also utilized influences from my 1980's scoring mentor, John Carpenter."

-Alan Howarth


The Dentist • The Dentist 2

1. Dentist Theme (1 & 2 combo)
2. Toothache
3. Not Again
4. Perfect Fit
5. 11 Roses
6. Truth or Tooth
7. New Game
8. Wisdom Teeth?
9. Encounter/ Escape (1 & 2 combo)
10. Complete Examination (1)
11. Pool Service (1)
12. Night in Paradise
13. Back in the Chair
14. Incompetent Dentist
15. Finestone the Bitch
16. Can I Look at It?
17. He's Good for this Town
18. Dental Tools
These final mixes are from The Dentist 2, unless otherwise noted above.