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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


STC 77121 (1998)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the 1998 film that features Academy Award winning performances by Nick Nolte and James Coburn.

Music composed by Michael Brook

CD $9.88 $5.00
Michael Brook's score, with a wail of pain or a growl of wrath, is a plaintive evocation of the central character's unsettled emotions, which he cannot bear, but must confront.



1. Opening Titles
2. Late Night Phone
3. Crossing Guard
4. Hunting
5. Flashback
6. Late Night Conspiracy
7. Autodentismo
8. Resignation
9. Chase
10. Night Flashback
11. Wade Goes Wild
12. Worries
13. Homestead
14. Marge
15. Barn
16. Close Refrain