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Scored for symphony orchestra with added indigenous instruments: kanun, Tibetan and Japanese gongs, kantele, Chinese cheng, Portuguese guitar, Persion tar and santur, Turkish zurna, and wooden and bamboo flutes.

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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Meetings With Remarkable Men

Gurdjieff's search for hidden knowledge (1999)

STC 77123
Music by Thomas De Hartmann and Laurence Rosenthal; the National Philharmonic Orchestra and the Ambrosian Singers of London conducted by Laurence Rosenthal.
CD $13.98

"...grand orchestral music...'The Great Prayer' is astonishingly beautiful..."

Best Score: Oxford Film Festival

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Meetings With Remarkable Men:

Gurdjieff's search for hidden knowledge

Listen to Samples
1. Main Title - Father & Son 3:21 $0.99 Play Preview
2. Boyhood in Kars 3:58 $0.99 Play Preview
3. The Duel - The Artillery Range/ The Question 3:05 $0.99 Play Preview
4. "American Canary" 1:27 $0.99 Play Preview
5. At the Ruins of Ani 3:10 $0.99 Play Preview
6. Prince Lubovedsky 4:02 $0.99 Play Preview
7. The Gobi Desert 4:03 $0.99 Play Preview
8. The Expedition Fails - The Stilts/ Death of Soloviev/ Departure 5:28 $0.99 Play Preview
9. The Journey 5:13 $0.99 Play Preview
10. The Great Prayer 5:29 $0.99 Play Preview
11. The Contest of the Ashokhs 4:05 $0.99 Play Preview