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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Judas Kiss

Film Music of Christopher Young

STC 77130

Also selections from the scores for Species, Hellraiser, Hellbound, Copycat, and Getting Even.

Music composed by Christopher Young

CD $13.98

Complete original soundtrack for Young's jazz score for the 1998 TV thriller Judas Kiss starring Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman. The highly-original music brilliantly interacts with the steamy, New Orleans story of cross and double cross.

Young's talent is further showcased by the inclusion of World Premiere Suites for large orchestra and chorus for the Clive Barker horror epics Hellraiser/Hellbound and the sci-fi classic Species.


Film Music of Christopher Young

Judas Kiss
1. Judas Kiss 2:20
2. Indiglo 2:34
3. Mod Mango 1:27
4. Coco-La-Mambo 3:32
5. Lizard Meditations 1:16
6. Ameliorate 2:11
7. Beef Orgasms 1:48
8. Sebastiana 2:40
9. Missed Kiss 4:03
10. Elevate To Heaven 3:45
11. Patty Who? 2:35
12. Lucky Charmed 2:56
13. Borkum Riff 2:57
14. Bee Wax Menthol 3:20
15. Coco-La-Mas-Mambo 3:32
Getting Even
16. Helicopter Chase 3:17
17. End Title 5:06
18. Suite - Fever/A Vibrant Slime 5:29
19. Hellbound Suite 11:55