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Pumpkin cover
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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


STC 77133 (2002)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the offbeat 2001 film with Christina Ricci.

Composed by John Ottman; Hollywood Studio Symphony

CD $13.98

"Pumpkin is a weird film, which was the joy of it for me as well as the challenge. The story is basically about "wrong" love. I tried to capture [the characters'] tortured passion. But there had to remain a sort of distance in the music."

- from the CD notes by John Ottman



1. Lofty Goals  
2. Pumpkin  
3. Outcasts  
4. Separation  
5. First Day  
6. I'm In Love  
7. Bad World  
8. A First Step  
9. To Class  
10. Torn Souls  
11. I'm Not Retarded  
12. Goodbye, Cruel World  
13. Friends and Family  
14. Destiny  
15. Carolyn's Poem  
16. Lofty Goals Reprise