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Unlikely Heroes

Original Soundtrack of the 2004 documentary, from Moriah Films, The Jack and Pearl Resnick Film Division of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Music Written & Conducted by Lee Holdridge; The Philharmonia Orchestra of London

CD $11.88
"We wanted a score that would reflect the different places and traditions where all of these amazing stories took place. Lee's music not only succeeds, it far surpasses what we were hoping for. Just as our narrator, Sir Ben Kingsley, helps the audience understand the context and the history of each story, so does Lee Holdridge's score paint a vivid musical picture..."

Richard Trank, Director


Unlikely Heroes

Original Soundtrack

1. Main Title  
Willy Perl - The Lawyer
2. Where Shall I Go?  
3. Arrested  
4. The Scheme/Train Station  
5. Country to Country / Forty-Two Thousand  
Robert Clary - The Entertainer
6. Angry Crowd  
7. The Letter  
8. Medley: "Yossel, Yossel"; "Bei Mir Bist du Schon"  
Recha Sternbuch - The Rabbi's Daughter
9. A Quiet Life  
10. Tense Moments  
11. An Honorable Woman  
Freidl Dicker Brandeis - The Artist
12. Friedl  
13. She Was Different  
14. She Made Us Forget  
15. Somebody Very Important  
Leon Kahn - The Partisan
16. Night Fell  
17. A Picture of a Partisan  
Anna Heilman - The Sisters
18. "My Warsaw" ("Mayn Shtetele Belz")  
19. Lost Words  
Pinchas Rosenbaum - The Master of Disguise
20. Budapest  
21. Kisvarda  
22. Many Disguises  
23. The Glass House  
24. Finale  
25. Zemirot 06*  
26. Zemirot 24*  
27. Zemirot 67*  
28. Lullaby - "S'Dreymin Feygl" ("Birds Are Dozing")