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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Carnival of Souls


STC 77138

Composed and Performed by Gene Moore


Also available on 180-gram vinyl LP

CD $11.88
"in Gene Moore's organ-only score...the pipes evoke the cries of a woman's lost spirit, and bring a chilling, otherworldly beauty to the horror genre's most unnerving danse macabre."

~Daniel Schweiger
(From the liner notes)


Carnival of Souls

1. Dialogue:"Want to drag?" 14. Dialogue: "A church is just a place of business." 1:17
2. Main Title 1:46 15. Why Don't They Answer Me? 2:22
3. Dialogue: Mary Henry on the bridge /Organ Factory 4:08 16. Dialogue: "As though I had no place in the world." 3:43
4. Dialogue: "Put your soul into it." 1:57 17. Haunted: Pavilion in Daylight 0:59
5. Visitation: The Man in the Window 1:47 18. Cast Out Devils 3:08
6. Dialogue: "Could you tell me what that big structure is?" 0:39 19. Dialogue: "Profane! Sacrilege!" 0:34
7. Dialogue: "Our pride and joy" 1:03 20. I Want to be Left Alone 1:53
8. We Have an Organist Capable of Stirring the Soul 1:58 21. Isolation: Why Can't They See Me? 4:54
9. Dialogue: "What do you see?" 0:24 22. Dialogue: "I don't belong in the world." 1:07
10. Dialogue: "I ain't one to make no fuss." 0:50 23. The Carnival of Souls 5:07
11. Dialogue: "I'm your new neighbor." 0:19 24. Dialogue: "Footprints... then nothing." 0:28
12. The Rooming House: Another Visitation 1:07 25. Peace at Last 1:28
13. Dialogue: "Who's the man in the hall?" 1:03 26. Suite: Musical Score
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