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The Rockin' Rebels - Wild Weekend | MUS-008 | MsMusic Productions
MsMusic Productions Logo  MsMusic Productions Presents

The Rockin' Rebels -
Wild Weekend


• Remastered by Mark Linett
• Vinyl mastering by Kevin Grey and Steve Hoffman
• Liner notes by Brian Lee

180-gram vinyl LP.





1. Wild Weekend
(T. Shannon, P. Todaro)
  1. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
(David Williams)
2. Rockin' Crickets
(T. Shannon, P. Todaro)
  2. Wild Rebel
(T. DiMaria, K. Mills)
3. Tequila
(Chuck Rio)
  3. Telstar
(Joe Meek)
4. The Stripper
(David Rose)
  4. Hully Gully Rock
(C. Cisco, L. Markash)
5. Ram-Bunk-Shus
(James Mundy, Henry Glover, Lucky Millinder)
  5. Sweet Little Sixteen
(Chuck Berry)
6. Honky Tonk
(Bill Doggett, Shep Shepherd, Billy Butler)
  6. Rumble
(Vernon Wray-Milton Grant)
      7. Wild Weekend Cha-Cha
(T. Shannon, P. Todaro)